"Florence Montmare took that experience and turned it on its head ... incredibly beautiful and, dare we say it, quite poignant." 

                                                                TimeOut New York 

" An enlightening exhibition about love and loss... inspired by impending heart break... anyone who has experienced it just want to move on, but you were documenting it!"

                                                           Contessa Brewer, NBC

" A multi-sensory experience of the relationship and its demise."

                                                             New York Post

" A view from the foot of her bed, the most intimate of place you can find suddenly becomes universal" 

                                                           Posture Magazine

Watch the interview with Contessa Brewer here.

Illuminations is a multidisciplinary exhibition with photographs, text, sound, objects and site-specific installation, using open narratives that allow the viewers to have their own interpretations. 

It premiered in New York at Ivy Brown Gallery September 18th 2014 and is now on show at Roger Smith Hotel in New York through January 28th, 2015.

In connection with the premiere, a limited edition perfume and book Illuminations was created. Both are currently available for sale at Ivy Brown Gallery.

Illuminations started in 2002 when my relationship with was slowly falling apart. While trying to save our relationship we rented a large stylish apartment in Stockholm, hoping that a change of scenery would have a positive effect. The space made the distance between us more acute, and the inevitable break even more obvious. 

I started photographing my partner and myself every night, placing a view camera in front of our bed. The routine of making one photograph each night became important. The camera shutter was left opened for 3 to 8 hours every night in a darkened bedroom, as the beginning morning light arrived the exposure was interrupted. It is a private journal, documenting time and memory, where present meets past. 

Locations: Arles, Stockholm and New York. 

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