The places I have left, have ceased to exist, like a dream gone astray


To revisit territories of childhood paradise can be nostalgic, blissful and sometimes melancholic. One day I found myself on a stony barren beach of a remote island. I had been invited to stay at Bergman’s writing cottage, as a resident artist to make a new body of work.

The title Greyscales alludes to the meeting between musical and photographic practice  — scales as in visual and musical tonality. The Swedish word “karg” or “avskalad” can be translated as “scaled” or “barren” as in a landscape. 

I was standing on the location where Bergman filmed Persona 50 years earlier. The shoreline had recently collapsed, creating a dramatic gorge. Directing local dancers and actors, I used this site to stage scenarios — human bodies in motion contrasted with a barren island landscape and the dramaturgy of these eroded cliffs, the ocean and the wind.

Greyscales is a multidisciplinary exhibition with a multi-channel video and sound installation, photographic prints, sound and sculpture. The installation has juxtaposed simultaneous projections, allowing an expanded narrative to develop. Greyscales will be shown at Bergman Center during Bergman week, 2017

A meeting in 3 acts

How can we recreate ourselves, when the contexts, by which we have previously defined ourselves, are gone?

Three artists meet and become inspired by the Baltic Island landscape of Fårö, Bergmans filmmaking and the islanders warm reception of refugees. A show is in the making, where the dance floor is the meeting point and dance is the common language where they explore themselves, each other and the world at large. 

Joakim Stephenson choreographs an ensemble of local dancers, premiere dancers from the Royal Opera in Stockholm — and new dancers in the process of creating a new life on the Island, after fleeing their home countries. A meeting between art forms and artists within film, photography, costume design, choreography and social sculpture, and the initiation of conversations about home, identity and fear.   A dynamic, revealing and honest process where exciting musical compositions by Hugo Therkelson, merge into a unique show about human growth through meetings that matter.


Direction & Photography Florence Montmare

Costume & Set Design  Marie Bergman

Choreography  Joakim Stephenson

producer  sara sjöö, Saperi film

Sound ANders Hörling

Music Hugo Therkelson

camera Pierre Wilén


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Film på Gotland