Meeting Place

How can we recreate ourselves when the contexts by which we have previously defined ourselves are gone?

Inspired by the films of Ingmar Bergman and the Fårö landscape, this art project was presented at the Bergman week 2017 as a dance performance, where Joakim Stephenson choreographed an ensemble of local dancers, principal dancers from the Royal Swedish Ballet in Stockholm and refugees, in the process of creating a new life on Fårö Island after fleeing their home countries. It is a dynamic, revealing and honest performance about human growth through meetings that matter.  


Direction & Photography Florence Montmare

Costume Design  Marie Bergman

Choreography  Joakim Stephenson

production  MArie Bergman, Florence MontmarE, sara sjöö

Sound ANders Hörling

Music Hugo Therkelson


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Film Gotland


The Bergman Estate