I tell stories from my personal domain that are specific, yet universal. Most of my work is process based and interdisciplinary – from concept and discussions, to production and execution. It crosses the lines of performance, film, photography and installation. I return to similar subjects, but narrate them in different ways — site, rite, time, memory, identity, gender and origin — seeking to peel of layers and understand a sense of displacement.

Intimacy (longing and belonging) and disconnection (loss and alienation) are themes that interest me. The work is usually site specific where I stage different scenarios, conversations between location and figure, in which the body’s presence and absence is a metaphor for impermanence and transience. It has always been natural to be part of my own work. By participating with my body, through ritual, repetition and movement, I reconnect to the source and experience insight and healing.

I seek to touch upon fragile and visceral aspects of life — whether it is film or a still photograph. I approach this with a sense of expanded time, allowing the viewer to contemplate a deeper meaning buried within the language of a world that resides between dream and reality — a realm of images, sounds and memories. Within this lyrical world I tell stories without the necessity of an obvious narrative, creating fragmented tales that function as a catalyst for the viewer’s personal fantasies — an open door into one’s own self discovery.