Little Compton

Lightroom (© Florence-Montmare-Photographer-New-York-Lydia-Birt

Wendy Fuller

Designer, Mother & Model

Concept, interview & photography by Florence Montmar

FM: How is life on this island?

WF: It's great I feel like I am on vacation every day. I lived in New York City for 18 years. My expectations were low coming here, because I didn't want to leave New York. Now  I don't understand what took me so long and what was keeping me in New York. I am more of a country girl than I thought.

FM: You were a fashion designer…

WF: Yes. Me and my husband Billy were working as pattern makers, for over 15 years. We designed for several design houses and celebrities.

FM: I remember this beautiful collection you made with origami silk... 

WF: Yeah, that was fun! It was an experiment to see how you could manipulate the origami shapes to make a pattern pieces.  We would start by making the origami shapes first and then applying it.  We folded paper in various shapes to see if it would work as a sleeve, a pocket or whatever. It was very much like play. 





FM: And now?

WF: I don't really care about fashion anymore. It just doesn't mean anything to me. I don't read fashion magazines. Instead, I am more concerned with interiors and my garden. I want to get chickens and llamas and maybe a pig. Right now I am working on my rock garden. Maybe next year I will make a survivalist bunker.

FM: What do you appreciate as a mother?

WF: I appreciate that I can spend a lot of time with my kids. As a mother, you get to re-live your own childhood.

FM: What is your greatest accomplishment?

WF: My family. 

Right now I am working on my rock garden. Maybe next year I will make a survivalist bunker.
— Wendy Fuller

FM: You were a model for a while, how was that experience for you? 

WF: It was fun. I was with the same agency the entire time. As I got older the work moved into more commercial stuff and go-sees.

FM: What was your experience for this shoot?

WF: It was really fun. The kids were not cooperating. It was in January and we were wearing spring clothing. It gets very windy on the island. 

Lightroom (© Florence-Montmare-Photographer-New-York-Lydia-Birt