I tell stories from my personal domain that are specific, yet universal. Returning to similar subjects, narrating them in different ways — I try to peel off layers, touching upon visceral aspects of life — whether it is in a film, a photograph, a performance or an installation. I am interested in exploring a world that resides between dream and a wakeful state. A realm of images, sounds and fragmented tales without the necessity of an obvious narrative. I hope they will function as a catalyst for the viewer’s personal fantasies and be a door into self discovery.
— Florence Montmare


Scenes from an island

Bergmancenter Fårö June 24 - September 30

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I sought myself and found the Island. The Island forces you to revisit memories, dreams, fears, shortcomings. In the silence time expands and I hear my heartbeat. There is a slight chill in the air and the ocean is waiting like a mirror.

Midway in life, I found myself standing on the barren shores, a wild and rocky pile of land facing the Baltic sea. It was a strange uncompromising attraction. I saw my mother’s Swedish origin a stone’s throw away and father’s Cretan heritage merge into this one landscape.

I returned over and over again. At first it was only the landscape that I photographed. With time I populated the images, staging scenarios in various locations. There are interiors and exteriors; landscape sans figures and landscape with figures transitioning through it. Bodies in motion contrasted to the desolate topography and its dramaturgy — mountains that have eroded, the earth, the water and the air. A contemplation on evanescence and transience; body, movement and the surrounding elements. 




© Florence-Montmare-Photographer-New-York-Scenesfromanisland-Bergman-Fårö-exhibition-220160419.jpg


Reciprocity Failure

In 2002 my relationship was slowly falling apart. While trying to save our relationship it became obvious the break had become inevitable. As a way of documenting our last days together, I started making one photograph every night. The camera shutter was left opened for 3 to 8 hours every night in front of our bed in a darkened bedroom, and as the beginning morning light arrived the exposure was interrupted. It is a private journal, documenting time and memory, where present meets past.  


...when love and companionship encounters longing and disconnection
— Florence Montmare
An enlightening exhibition about love and loss... inspired by impending heart break... anyone who has experienced it just want to move on, but you were documenting it!
— Contessa Brewer, NBC
Florence Montmare took that experience and turned it on its head ... incredibly beautiful and, dare we say it, quite poignant.
— TimeOut New York
A multi-sensory experience of the relationship and its demise
— New York Post
A view from the foot of her bed, the most intimate of place you can find suddenly becomes universal
— Posture Magazine


Before my father passed away he said: ‘One day you will realize where you belong, and you will go home.’ This is about that journey.
— Florence Montmare

Growing up in Sweden, I often felt torn between cultures: Sweden, Greece and Austria (where I was born). My father left early to start a new life in his native Greece. In 2007 he passed away in cancer, leaving behind an olive grove up in the hills in Crete. Could I live in what had been given to me, in what had come to symbolize my cultural heritage and roots?

As an experiment I traveled to Crete to spend entire nights in the grove. Essentially a diary the work is part of an ongoing photographic investigation of metaphors for impermanence, transience and a search for an authentic home. My body asleep in the hammock, dissolves and re-materializes through night-long exposures, all while the surrounding grove is fixed. The work examines the urge of hiding away from distractions of modern world and a longing of “going back” to a simple and authentic coexistence with nature, A relationship that is could be harmonious, yet ambiguous, contradictory and exclusive. The ritual of the body performing in front of the camera for entire nights, the documents expose the vulnerability of surface and physical aspects of man and nature.


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