A film called Desire

How can we recreate ourselves, when the contexts by which we have previously defined ourselves, are gone?

Set at the remote island Fårö (Sweden), the home and workplace of the director Ingmar Bergman, A film called Desire is a film created between 2017-2019 during artist in residence at the Bergman Estate

As Florence returned to the island in 2016, many tourist locations had been transformed to facilities to accommodate refugees from Syria and Afghanistan. Realizing that the refugee crisis had affected the island and its communities, she saw the opportunity of empowerment and healing. What began as a study of an island turned into a relational art project, with an objective to create social change. Art, music, dance and storytelling are powerful tools to connect people, offering a space to explore, dream and to hope.

With support from Film på Gotland, Kustateljen, Bergman Center and Ingmar Bergman Estate, Florence collaborated with Marie Bergman, Joakim Stephenson and Sara Sjöö to create a series of workshops on the island. The goal was to connect and empower diverse communities of refugees and local islanders. Together they explored the themes home, fear and identity through conversations, movement, dance and music. The workshops resulted in a 60 minute dance performance, choreographed by Joakim Stephenson with principal ballet dancers from the Stockholm Royal Opera during the annual Bergman festival.  

The music and sound design was composed, by Hugo Therkelson and resulted in the album Identity. Direction by Florence Montmare. Original idea by Florence Montmare, Marie Bergman, Joakim Stephenson and Sara Sjöö. Photography by Florence Montmare. Album design by Toshiake and Hisa Ide and production by Athena Azevedo, IF Studio.

Wajima Japan

Through a photographer's lens — Fuji TV: In the Japanese travel documentary "Meet Wajima, Japan" we follow Florence Montmare's travels to Japan. She ventures to the coastal town of Wajima in a search for art, culture and beauty and to meet local artists. A website was created along with a photo exhibition in New York, and screenings and talks at the Museum of East Asian Antiquities, Stockholm.

TV features

Still Here

Short fashion film for Spirit and Flesh Magazine.


Art films

Phantasme is a series of short video performances created in collaboration between Florence and Swedish artist Charlotte Åberg. The series portrays acts of consumption of products such as whipped cream, foundation, hair gel, hair color and ketchup and made into a disguise. Conventional ideas of beauty are violated and the characters are transformed into phantoms of their own desire. 

Performance With Clouds is  short silent film made in 2007.  A female protagonist appears in a dreamlike state. Her head is clean shaved. A blue sky with a cloud serves as the only backdrop. The narrative is open-ended yet interrupted. She flings wigs up in the air, juggles and captures them with her body.